What’s My Home Worth?

Understand how much your home is worth with a few simple steps.

Are you planning on selling your home? Maybe you just want to see how much the house is worth so you can plan for the future?

People look up the value of a home when they want to get rid of their own house or when they want to move into another house. It is particularly helpful to find the value of a home when you plan on moving to a different area of the country, since property values change based on location.


How to Figure Out the Value of Your Home

A great way to start is by speaking with a Realtor who can get you an accurate appraisal. Someone will come out and view the different components in your home, the location, size and additions that provide value to buyers in the market.


Get an Estimate Online

The Internet offers several sites that calculate the value of your home without making you leave your computer. These sites are perfect for getting a quick estimate to get you started. The only downside is that is doesn’t always factor in new additions or renovations to the house. Each site also offers its own algorithm for determining the value of your home, which gives you different results for each site.

The best way to counter these difference is to get a valuation from each website and average all the results to find a fair middle ground. Start with website such as Zillow.com and move on from there. Some banks and real estate companies also offer online home valuation tools to give you an idea of how to put a price tag on your house.

Type in the location of your home and any other details that are required. Each value calculator asks for different fields, so you can decide on the ones that are most important to you.

Bring this valuation into a realtor so they can help you find a more realistic valuation of your home. Contact Sedona Pacific so they can use that initial valuation and factor in various other components such as additions or included amenities.

For those interested in selling their home fast and prefer not to deal with a Realtoy, Sedona Pacific pays cash for houses and may be interested in purchasing your property. We can close on your house fast and get you the money you need to place a down payment on your next home.

Contact Sedona Pacific today and get started on finding or selling your San Antonio, Dallas, Houston or other Texas metropolitan area home. Call us or go to our Contact page to send us an email about your home valuation. We’ll discuss the components of your house that make it stand out from the rest of the market and help you highlight those features in order to get the most money possible.

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