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Can you imagine purchasing a home without having to go through a bank and dealing with multiple realtors?

Most people follow the trends and go straight to a traditional lender when looking for a home. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Rio Grande Valley area residents don’t have to worry about this tedious process with the help of Sedona Pacific. Buying a home is supposed to be a happy time, where you can move from an apartment or from your parents home and create a life of your own. Maybe you need to find a new home that’s more suitable for your current situation.

Sedona Pacific wants to help everyone who plans to make the move to one of Texas’ metropolitan area. Take a look below to figure out the best way to buy a home in the area.

How should you go about looking for and buying a home?


Research Your Options

The first step in buying a home is to figure out what kind of home you can afford. Ask yourself if you want a 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom or more. See how much the square footage is in the homes that you like. The View Listings page on the Sedona Pacific website is a great place to start to see which homes work for your personal and financial situation. Take a look at the details for each home and understand how many square feet each home offers.

Can I afford the financing requirements to purchase a house or do I need to consider a rent to own option. If you plan on financing your home, think about going into an owner financing agreement or a rent to own program with Sedona Pacific. Check to see if you can afford the financing options, and choose a group of houses that might fit into your budget. Whether you can afford typical financing or need the option of owner financing or rent to own, Sedona Pacific can guide you to those who can help you.


Start the Process

Contact Sedona Pacific through the Contact page or by calling the main office. You are also more than welcome to walk into the Sedona Pacific office and speak directly to a sales representative. You are welcome to apply for an owner financed loan after you specify which property you are interested in. Sedona Pacific will direct you to a licensed financing specialist for the house of your choice.


Look at the Homes

Sedona Properties is ready to take you around to the houses that you are interested in. Ask us to take you on a tour to the houses you are interested in so you can understand which houses fit your needs.


Close the Home

Once you have selected the home you like the process can move quickly.

Step 1 – Enter into an earnest money contract in which you will be asked to put up a modest deposit.
Step 2 – Make a list of any modifications you would like to make to the house.
Step 3 – Be introduced to a financing specialist who can pre-qualify you for your mortgage. This may include traditional lenders that may offer you a better rate.

Contact Sedona Pacific today and get started on finding your dream home. We walk you through the entire process without pressuring you into buying a home. Find affordable financing and move into your home quick.

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