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Most home buyers get a realtor, look for a home and turn immediately to the bank to ask for a mortgage for that home. Unfortunately, there are others options in terms of financing that can save you money in the long run and help you get into your home faster.

Sellers often don’t know about owner financing and rent to own simply because no one told them how to go about doing it, but it can have benefits for the seller and the buyer. Sedona Pacific offers a unique opportunity to get owner financing because we own all the homes we sell. This means that you don’t have to convince us to offer owner financing, or rent to own programs because we are already experts at it. However, if it is in your best interest and you qualify for traditional financing, we can assist you there as well.


What is owner financing?

Owner financing is when you bypass conventional lending (i.e. banks) and speak directly with the seller to set up your mortgage. The owner invests in the buyers success and the buyer simply pays monthly installments until the entire home is paid off or improves their credit standing and qualifies for a lower priced conventional financing mechanism. We have a stake in you success and helping you improve your credit standing. You can use us as your bridge from being a renter to being a homeowner and reaching the American dream.


Owner financing has various benefits:

  • A quicker application process
  • There is good transparency
  • There are less restrictions and qualifications to get a loan from the seller
  • Closing costs are typically cheaper
  • You get into your new home much faster
  • Financing options and down payments are more flexible since you get to speak directly with the seller

Sedona Pacific provides owner financing for people interested in living in the San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Texas’ other metropolitan area. We sit down with our clients and understand your financial situation. We then bring you around to our owned houses and explain the benefits and downsides to each one. Transparency is everything with Sedona Properties, and we make it a point to offer friendly and effective service.


How to Get Started With Owner Financing

The first step in getting started with owner financing is contacting the seller and seeing if she would be willing to finance the home herself. We already do that at Sedona Pacific so the first step with us is simply calling or sending us an email on our contact page. Also make sure to read this booklet about owner financing, to ensure you understand all the aspects that go into this funding mechanism.

Set Your Financing

Sedona Pacific offers flexible and affordable owner financing plans that help you pay off your home quickly and on time. We set your financing based on your current financial situation, and we are always willing to make changes if needed.


Establish a Down Payment

Sedona Pacific offers flexible down payment options. Speak with Sedona Pacific to figure out the best down payment for your home. The larger the down payment the better, since this minimizes your payments and takes some risk off of the seller.


Close on the Home

Closing on a home is a simple process and typically involves signing all the agreements. Setup a time to close on the house with Sedona Pacific and move in the next day.


Contact us to get started on the owner financing process for your Texas home.

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