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Mortgages are helpful in many ways. They get people into homes without having to pay the entire amount of money up front. There are also various things to know about mortgages that affect your finances and personal life. Keep in mind that mortgages are an essential part of the real estate business, but there are often other options such as owner financing that can help buyers get into homes quicker and at a more affordable rate.

We pride ourselves in offering alternative forms of financing for our Texas residents. Banks offer acceptable ways to finance homes, but owner financing cuts down on the problems you can encounter with hefty mortgages. Sedona Pacific works with you to find a financing option that fits your situation.

You always have a contact at Sedona Pacific to figure out a way to make payments if unexpected financial trouble comes along. In essence, the bank isn’t going to show you any mercy, since they only care about their money. We care about our customers and we believe that our business is built on placing people in homes and making them happy.


What are some other things to keep in mind about mortgages?

  • Mortgages often require significant down payments to reduce the risk for the banks.
  • Banks are extremely strict when looking into your credit and income, making it difficult for many people to actually get a mortgage.
  • With a mortgage you don’t always have direct access to the people who gave you the loan. With an owner financing option you typically get the direct phone number of the sole owner of the property. With banks you may be speaking to a new person every time or sent through a series of automated messages.

Contact Sedona Pacific today and learn more about how mortgages can affect your financial goals. See how owner financing options from Sedona Pacific are often more effective for home buyers. Give us a call or navigate to our Contact page to ask us any questions you want about mortgages and owner financing. Let’s get started and move you into a home soon.

We discuss owner financing options and place you in a home within a fraction of the time it would take to get a mortgage approved from a bank. Call us today and see how Sedona Pacific makes living in San Antonio easy.

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